Communication problems of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder may repeat what you have said again and again. This is called Echolalia. This is just a blind repetition of what another person has said. Only the words are repeated without understanding the meaning of what has been said. This is one of the symptoms of the disorder. This is one of the communication issues that an Autistic child may face.

Communication involves, hearing correctly what another person is saying, understanding that person (comprehension) and then replying back to that. Problems can occur in all the areas. If the child has hearing issues (physical problems with hearing), they child may not hear exactly what the other person has said. This can cause further difficulty in learning as much of what we learn initially comes from hearing another person speak.

If the hearing is okay, there could be problems with understanding what the other person is saying. Understanding instruction, the context of the speech etc and not hearing words in a disjointed manner.

The third problem comes with responding to requests. Autistic children may delay in responding as their hearing may work differently. There may be a time lag in understanding and responding. Here the child may be understanding what you have said but is not able to frame a response to your instructions or questions.