Motor problems of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Motor issue deal with movement. Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder do not have much problem with walking running etc. Those things work fine with them. They have issues when they are confronted with tasks that need them to remember and do a job in a sequence of steps. Take tying shoe laces or a Tie for instance. Both need that a sequence of steps be followed for getting the result. Autistic Children have issues with these kind of motor tasks.

Dyspraxia is the term used to indicate issues that a person has with motor movements. Motor movements involve planning, initiation, organising and actual performance of the movements. The information has to be conveyed from the brain to the body and the relevant fingers, hand, legs to perform a certain task. Autistic children there is a lapse in this area. The information flow is not smooth or at the required speed. Sometimes Autistic children get into a loop of a movement and are unable to stop a movement and hence we see them doing a repetitive movement. They may have difficulty in pointing to objects in their environment.

These children cannot imitate an action easily hence they struggle with many other issues where learning happens by imitation. There may also be a delay in their action. The action may not be smooth all the time. Sometimes they can do it easily and smoothly and at other times the movements may be jerky or not at all.