Can my child study?

Of course he/she can! if your child has additional impairment then he needs to undergo several other tests and you will have to set your goals differently. Otherwise our response to your question can be ‘why can’t he/she study?’ There are several types of adverse effects of hearing loss. The primary and the worst among these are it’s effects on development of speech and language. The problems of communication especially with speaking and listening (understanding ) are so obvious and visible that it gives the impression that the child is unable to do many things which he/she can actually do. Studying is one of these things. There are various educational programmes available for the hearing impaired children. Appropriate option has to be selected by parents and professionals.

There can be various shades of this question which are:

  • Can my child go to school?
  • Can my child go to any school along with other non impaired children?
  • Can my child appear for SSC/HSC board examinations?
  • Can my child go for higher education?
  • Can my child go for vocational/professional education?
  • Can my child cope with regular school/college curriculum?
  • Can my child cope with regular school/college environment?

Fortunately the answer for all these questions is ‘YES’ but only if you as a parent, play a very positive role.