For Parents

If you are a parent of a child with Special Needs, you may be interested in knowing more about the needs of such children so that you can be a part of the advocacy for Special Chidlren or you may just want to understand your child better. By knowing your Special Child better you may be able to contribute to their Rehabilitation, Education, Emotional Needs etc. We list below some FREE courses that you can give a try.

  1. Working-with-Students-with-Special-Educational-Needs

Special education addresses the individual differences and requirements of students with special educational needs. As a teacher or trainer, working with students with special educational needs requires specific skills and strategies to create and deliver effective programs.

Alison’s education course serves as an introduction to the field of special education. The course begins by outlining core elements of special education, including the change in educational legalization in recent years with particular emphasis on legislation in the United States. The responsibilities of teachers and trainers are also detailed, along with the individual educational plan (IEP).

Who are Children With Special Needs?

Emotions that a parent my go through