Why therapy should be long term?

When parents take their children for therapy, it is important to keep in mind that there are no short term results. The issues are pretty deep and attending to it takes a long time. These issues are not like physical illness which can be dealt with in a few sessions.

It is important that the parents understand that there is a therapeutic relationship between the child and the therapist. It takes time for the child to open out and bond with another human being and a therapist is a total stranger. As it is, the child has issues with being social for various reasons. So the child is not ready to open up to a stranger. Familiarity breeds comfort in such situations. The more the child sees the therapist, the more comfortable he will get with the therapist and then it becomes easier for the therapist to work with the child.

The Rapport that is built by the therapist is what helps the child to follow the instructions of the therapist because now the child sees the therapist as one more trustworthy adult in his environment. The Rapport building takes time.

Hence it is important that the parents give a sufficient time for the therapist to work with the child and not keep changing the therapist because they don’t see the results at the end of few weeks.