General Strategies for teaching children with special needs

Children with learning disabilities show greater learning when techniques like task analysis, peer teaching, cooperative learning, learning corners and multisensory approach are used. The following strategies would be helpful to both the parents and teachers when trying to teach such children

General interventions

  • Show, demonstrate and model.
  • Utilize multisensory learning.
  • Break information down into smaller units.
  • Utilise peer tutoring and cooperative learning.
  • Use a developmentally appropriate approach.
  • Make information as concrete as possible.
  • Provide a small group of instructions.
  • Read test materials to the student.
  • Find out how the student learns best, and utilize this learning channel.
  • Provide opportunity for continuous success.
  • Use consistent vocabulary when teaching a new skill
  • All students should be encouraged and given time to work collaboratively and solve problems upto whatever levels they can attain.
  • Give students a chance to share and justify their thinking in different ways.
  • Make greater use of problem driven tasks and open-ended questions.
  • Increase expectations for student’s reasoning, and encourage multiple solution strategies.
  • Lay greater emphasis on inter student dialogue and collaboration.
  • Make less use of teacher directed instruction.