Our Unique Approach

What is unique about Little Bluejays Care is our interdisciplinary approach that caters to the developmental needs of children of different age-groups.The Little BlueJays Team consists of a specialized and cohesive group of people – from the office staff to the therapists – who believe that collaboration between and within disciplines is vital to every child’s success.

Our Therapists will listen to your concerns, assess your child’s individual needs, discuss and develop and implement a customized treatment plan that caters to your child’s needs within the discipline and across the therapy services, and educate you along the way on solutions to maximize your child’s development that incorporate his or her natural environment and routines. We will build strong relationships with you and your child based on mutual respect, your trust and confidence, along with your child’s progress.

Little BlueJays encourages family and caregiver participation and dedication to their child’s care, including therapy and home activities and school support to ensure the highest quality of care and best results for the child.

We extend our integrated interdisciplinary services to enable each child with our individualized approach to therapy, to meet the child where he is in development and taking beyond. Our team of specialists works closely together to provide the most current and effective treatment strategies. Designed for children with all abilities and their families, we offer a variety of services including improvements in mobility, strength and coordination, cognition, communication, social emotional development and sensory processing that can help child experience their world with greater confidence.