Meghana Kashyap

M.Sc (Clinical Psy), M.Phil (Rehabilitation Psy), Rehabilitation Psychologist

Meghana Kashyap is a certified Rehabilitation Psychologist holding post master’s degree with Gold Medal from National Institute for the Mentally Handicapped (NIMH). Her areas of interest include Child Mental Health, with focus on neuro developmental disorders, particularly intellectual and developmental disability, autism spectrum disorders, ADHD and school mental health program. Her work mainly focuses on early detection of and intervention in child mental health problems integrating neuro,  cognitive, developmental, behavioural and familial perspectives. She has presented several research papers in the areas of dance and yoga therapies for children with developmental disabilities. Being an eminent artist, Meghana trains children in the field of Indian Classical dance focusing specially on the issue of arts in intellectual and emotional development. She attended many workshop and is a certified DASSI trainer.