Points for parents to observe about their child of 3-6 years

Parents keep observing their child’s progress all the time. If they are aware of developmental delays, they can seek professional help early and this will offer the child the best chance at remediation.

Parents of a child of 3 to 6 years should check for these points:

  • Does the child have a serious delay in sitting, standing or walking when compared to other children of his/her age?
  • Does the child have difficulty in hearing?
  • Is the child finding it difficult to see things around him?
  • Does the child have difficulty in understanding your instructions when you ask him to do some thing?
  • Does the child have at times stiffness in arms and legs and find it difficult to move his limbs?
  • Does the child suffer from bouts of fits, rigidity of the body or become unconscious?
  • Does the child have difficulty in learning new things when compared to children of similar age?
  • Is the child not able to speak coherent words and is it easy for you to understand what the child is saying?
  • Is the speech of the child different from normal?
  • Is the child backward, dull or slow compared to his peers?

If the parent finds the answers as “Yes” to many or some of the question above, it is important to take the child to a professional. Remember that early intervention has the greatest chances of remedying the situation.