Role of Parents in Education of Hearing Impaired – enabling actions

While these activities are continuously going around at home parents should pay sufficient attention to the following:

  • Take the help of special teachers to plan out the educational programme of the child.
  • Enroll the child in an appropriate educational programme either in an integrated (regular school) or segregated (special school) set-up depending upon the child’s ability and achievements.
  • Be a part and parcel of his/her daily lessons at school and inculcate listening, speech reading and reading skills.
  • Meet the school teachers as often as possible to carry over and to follow up classroom teaching.
  • Learn the techniques used by the teachers in the class-room to teach language and follow them at home.
  • Discuss about your queries and doubts with the teachers. Also discuss any intimate daily happening, celebrations, outings within the family so that there is a carry over of the same in the class–room teaching.
  • Be more supportive to the child in his/her success as well as in failures.
  • Be a teacher and facilitator for learning and make the child independent and self sufficient.
  • Motivate the child to interact with everybody around him/her.
  • Inculcate good values and develop a sound moral character in the child.
  • Help the children express themselves freely and involve them in all family interactions.
  • Participate as equal partners in the education of your – children.

Source: Vikaspedia