Role of the parents in dealing with children with special needs

Role of the parents

No one is prepared to be the parent of a handicapped child. The parent(s) primarily learn about their child through an experience of family living, and the professionals working with these parents must focus on their experiences which are unique in every individual case. Although parents may share common problems and reactions; the combinations of possible reactions, the intensity of the reactions, and the duration of the reactions are some factors that necessitate that each family be considered individually.

Parental adjustment may consist of any or all the following stages:

  • Awareness of the problem
  • Recognition of the problem
  • Search for a cause
  • Search for a cure, and
  • Acceptance of the child

The parents should bear the following in mind:

  • Foster feelings of self- esteem in your child.
  • Do not compare the performance of their child with other siblings.
  • All children have strengths and competencies, and these strengths must be identified and reinforced.
  • Parents who convey hope provide a major force in helping children overcome adversity and become resilient.
  • Parents can help children develop a sense of responsibility and contribution to their family, and the ward in general.
  • Parents can provide opportunities for their child to make choices and decisions, and promote self-discipline.
  • Parents can help the children deal effectively with their mistakes and failures.
  • If possible, parents should attend training programmers along with the community.

Source: Vikaspedia