0-2 years Infant Stimulation Program

The rapid advance in medical technology has successfully increased the survival rate of high-risk infants, thus adding to the number of infants who might end up with developmental delays/disabilities.
India is among the countries with the highest numbers of preterm births – about 35.19 lakhs.
Babies who survive a preterm birth face the risk of cerebral palsy, blindness, hearing loss and learning disabilities. Even infants born late preterm have a greater risk of re-hospitalization, breathing problems, feeding difficulties, temperature instability, jaundice and delayed brain development.
Even when critical medical problems are resolved, the  results suggest it’s important to continue with physical, occupational, and speech therapy. As of 2012, in India there are 35 Million children with known Disabilities and there are 35000 Early Intervention therapists including the special educators – that is one therapist for more than 500 children.