4-6 years School Readiness Program

School Readiness Program

The Little BlueJays Schooling Readiness Program is designed to foster and develop basic learning skills in children, from 3 through 6 years of age, with physical, cognitive, language, hearing difficulties. The program focuses on developmentally appropriate school readiness skills, and has been created to meet the individual needs of each child. The team prepares the children for, and provides them with, the skills needed to make a successful transition to the elementary school. Children who qualify for the program receive specialized instruction from certified staff.

Each child is unique, with an individual set of characteristics, and an individual developmental pattern which is influenced by both genetic and environmental conditions. Developmental milestones in all areas of development (physical, cognitive, language, social and emotional) are attained at different rates and times for each child. Children who have commenced school without developing vital readiness skills, have been identified as ‘at risk’ for their future academic, social and occupational success.

The concept of ‘school readiness’ encompasses an understanding of the developmental ‘domains’ considered relevant to a child’s readiness to manage the complex demands of a formal school environment. ‘School readiness’ refers to the physical, socio-emotional, language and cognitive developmental milestones children should ideally have achieved, under optimal circumstances, before they enter school. Thus, school readiness is not restricted to levels of cognitive development, but is multidimensional, involving physical, social, and emotional development as well as general approaches to learning.

Children’s School Readiness is affected by the early care and learning experiences they receive. The research in brain development emphasizes that early learning (especially from birth to five) directly influences a child’s ability to learn and succeed in school. These studies have contributed to a growing awareness of the importance of quality early education and prekindergarten experiences.