Mother of G, 6 years

We are extremely happy for the care taken by the Little BlueJays Care people for the kids who actually need it. The little push given to the kids in the correct way makes a huge difference in their day-to-day life. Keep up the good work.

Father of V, 5 years

We are thankful to Little BlueJays Care Child Development Centre for the approach and commitment of the trained staff who are helping our child. The Centre has good facilities, has various equipment and advanced learning materials. Apart from their great care for the child, the therapists are flexible and help parents to plan additional activities for the child. We would highly recommend the services to anyone looking for therapy.

Mother of K, 4 years

To me, Little BlueJays Care is like a temple with so many angels, who changed my daughter’s life. Now my daughter is able to communicate, smile, cry and be happy. Her moods are normal. What more can a mother ask for – my daughter’s happiness is all because of the Little BlueJays Care Team. Thanks a lot. I bow to all of you at Little BlueJays Care.

Mother of V, 4 years

From the day one, that is, assessment, my son was comfortable with the therapist; so I insisted on the therapy. He has calmed down, thinks before saying anything. The overall environment at Little BlueJays Care is really warm and friendly. I liked the teamwork of all staff members and after therapy nice updates are given by the therapists. My son likes to come here.

Mother of E, 4 years

After joining Little BlueJays Care, my son has shown tremendous improvement in eye contact, name call response, and his hyperactivity is very much controlled. He says meaningful words, recognizes therapists and runs to classes. He can remove his shirt and pant on his own, brushes his teeth and eats on his own – all these improvements were shown within three months of his attending therapy at Little BlueJays Care.

Mother of A, 3 years

The help given to my son was more than satisfactory especially in guiding us about what to do and how to help my son back at home. My son’s ability to write, draw, and even colour improved drastically after joining Little BlueJays Care.