Speech and language therapy
Speech and Language Therapy is dedicated for helping children and young adults reach their maximum communication potential. We provide screening, assessment and diagnosis, treatment and counseling to families of children with delay or disorders in speech, language and communication. Read More

Occupational therapy
Occupational therapy is provided to facilitate and stimulate child’s gross and fine motor activities, cognitive and perceptual abilities, which intern make them independent in daily activities play and leisure in order to improve their quality of life. Read More

Special education
Special Education, for us, is a practice of educating students with special needs in a way that addresses their individual differences and needs. The process we follow involves the individually planned and systematically monitored arrangement of teaching procedures, adapted equipments and materials and accessible setting. Read More

Child psychological services
A psychologist evaluates learning and behavior. The assessment may include interviews, observation, testing and consultation with other professionals involved in your child’s care. The assessment covers many skill areas, such as general intellectual level, language, memory and learning, problem solving, planning and organization, fine motor skills, visual spatial skills, and academic skills (reading, math, spelling and writing). It also includes an examination of behavior and emotions. The psychologist also assess the intellectual ability (IQ), academic potential, developmental disorders (e.g., autism), and behavioral and emotional functioning of the child. Read More

Pediatric physiotherapy
Pediatric physiotherapists work with people of varying ages from premature infants to adolescents to ensure optimal physical function and development and are concerned with movement, co-ordination, posture and the cardiorespiratory system. Pediatric physiotherapists aim to minimize the effects of physical impairment to promote optimum function and musculoskeletal development and also encourage them to participate and become independent. Advice on activities and stretches offered by the physiotherapist can assist in maintaining full range of movement and prevention of contracture. Read More