Who are Children With Special Needs?

A child is considered a Special Child when all the three criteria listed below are satisfied:

  1. The child has been diagnosed with a disability by a certified professional
  2. The child when compared with children of same age, has greater difficulty in getting along with other children, has difficulty in writing, reading or speaking a language, has difficulty in performing motor tasks like walking, running, picking up things, climbing stairs, drawing a given figure, has difficulty in understanding the academic content of the class, remembering what he has learned and expressing what has understood.
  3. The child requires additional resources in terms of time, material, inputs, adult guidance in completing a task when compared to children of the same age.

A Special Child has a greater difficulty in

  • Getting along with others of his age and adults.
  • Making friends with new people he meets
  • Reading, writing, reciting, expressing himself
  • Behaving in the expected manner which is socially acceptable to the situation
  • Understanding classroom instructions compared to others of similar age.

Although Children with Special Needs is a broad category, each child in the category is unique with respect to his disability and the additional resources needed to cope with it. A child with Special needs can be helped to improve his performance on all parameters by understanding adults around him providing him the additional resources he needs with lots of patience and love.

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